Chikungunya epidemiological survey and Current available inhibitors

Surender Singh Jadav, Praveen Korupolu, Barij Nayan Sinha, Venkatesan Jayaprakash


Chikungunya is an insect borne disease virus spread through the mosquitoes to humans, causes the severe joint pains. The recent 2005-2007 outbreak was the most severe and one of the biggest eruptions caused by this virus. The cases of virus have been reported across the globe which was initially transmitted from African subcontinent, after its first outbreak in 1952 in Tanzania. Cause of disease remains to be explore and not well known. The complete epidemiology, mode of treatment and current research scenario through scientific literature on current CHIKV inhibitors was made to understand the in depth background of this disease. The current review posses the brief epidemiology, clinical manifestations, current mode of treatment and the number of antiviral agents (natural & synthetic) available up to date against the CHIKV infections along with vaccine development.


Chikungunya; epidemiology; Antiviral therapy

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