Comparative study of isolated Guggulsterones as marker compounds from Guggulu, Commiphora mukul with Ayurvedic Gugglu containing formulations by HPTLC, an in-house quality control method

Selvakumar Duraipandi, Vijaya Selvakumar


The guggulu containing polyherbal formulations in Ayurveda have been used for treating various inflammatory conditions. A simple HPTLC method has been developed to qualitatively analyze the formulations that claimed to have contained guggulu using the Guggulsterones isolated from the guggulu raw material as a marker. The isolation of Guggulsterones from the resinous gum obtained from the plant was used as a marker to determine the Guggulsterone content in the formulations. The study showed that all the preparations taken for analysis that claimed to contain Guggulsterones was originally having the contents but in variable amounts depending on the amount of resin taken for the preparation. Due to the fact that Guggulsterones are very expensive marker compounds if procured separately as Guggulsterone E and Z forms, this method can be used for routine qualitative analysis of presence of Guggulsterones as an in-house quality control method.


guggulsterones; HPTLC; guggulu(Gulgulu); ayurveda

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